About Us

Benchmark Juris Consult is a large-size, full-service Legal Consultancy firm.

We comprise of widely learned legal practitioners with unmatched years of hands-on legal experience, ranging from ten to thirty years, who provide bespoke advisory and consulting services to institutions within and outside Nigeria.

Our head office is situated in Lagos Nigeria which has placed us at the centre of diverse rendezvous in the corporate world, competently meeting legal needs in the business and investment sectors.

We are dedicated to serving our clients innovatively in cases of meditation, arbitration, litigation, dispute resolution, adjudication, interpretation of the laws, and general advisory on investments and propriety of seeking court audience.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Benchmark Juris Consult you work with some of the finest professionals in the legal space. We are professionals who understand your goals and will put to use our legal expertise and resources to work for you.

Our Solutions

At Benchmark Juris Consult, we focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. We combine exceptional legal expertise with deep knowledge, creative and innovative thinking gathered from years of experience to help you achieve your legal goals. 

We take pride in representing our clients through every step of the legal process and do so with top-notch professionalism and integrity. 

Our Reach

We are constantly making our impact felt in the legal space from our Lagos based Office to integral parts of North America and Europe.

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